• Handcrafted Perfection

    Enjoy the bold combination of superior high-fidelity sound and authentic environmental design.
  • Custom Finishes

    Choose from Brown, Sandstone, or Grey finishes, or custom color your rock speakers.
  • Rockustics ®

    The leading producer of outdoor speakers and 100% made in America.
  • All-Weather Speakers

    Rockustics speakers are made to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.
  • Weatherproof Speakers - Rockustics SoundStone

    Rock Series

    Rockustics iconic series of weatherproof speakers.
  • Custom Walls

    Add Rockustics speakers to match your rock, brick, or grill walls.
  • Weatherproof Speakers - Rockustics Soundstone 2

    Omni Series

    Rockustics Omni speakers are designed for 360 degrees of audio perfection.

Rock Series

Rockustics pioneered custom outdoor speakers in 1985. Our philosophy has always been to build the “world’s best” outdoor speakers. To this day, Rockustics is the leader in this category.

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Garden Series

Our Garden Series is a unique solution for high-fidelity sound on a deck or patio. Rockustics was the first and is still the best sounding Planter speaker.

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Omni Series

With the Omni Series, Rockustics blends the customer’s need for superior sound with the customer’s desire for a product that actually enhances its surroundings.

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